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Knew this would happen…

Blocked at the moment. I knew this would happen. With so many distractions, I can’t even start to build the wall I need around me to write. Forget writing itself.

First thing you need to do when writing is to empty your head. In my case that’s not too hard, as there’s not much in there to begin with. But it requires a bit of concentration anyway….or at least a few minutes without the fucking phone ringing. Once emptied, I can create something new. It might suck of course, but it least it’ll be something new. Ah well, another day perhaps.

Went to see Scranton Public Theatre’s production of “Talley’s Folly” tonight. Brilliant. My good friend Sam Falbo was every bit as good as Judd Hirsch, and I’d stand on any bar in New York to proclaim that.

Makes me want to write again is what it does.

In a bit…


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