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The best laid plans….

Had all kinds of ideas and plans today. What I’d forgotten was that I’d have zero time to work on any of them. So they festered. And when I awake tomorrow I’m fairly sure I won’t remember a bloody thing. I was thinking on working up some lyrics tonight, but last night I got knee-deep into a book about Leopold and Loeb and feel the urge to finish it during tonight’s wee wee hours. Leopold and Loeb. There’s ‘s a couple of fucking nutters for you.  It’s a wonder I can sleep at all.

New plan is to record 15 demos and choose 10 songs for the record. We shall see. Twenty would be better….wouldn’t it? So says the man bitching about no time.

The difference between me now and then, of course, is that in the past I’d finish the book and then write a 16 turgid-verse song about Leopold and Loeb and what it all means. At this point in my existence, I’ll leave that to others and listen to Cheap Trick instead. “Downed” is way fucking cooler.

In a bit…


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