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As George Bush, no longer the dumbest President ever, once said…”bring it on”…

July 25, 2017 Leave a comment

We have become a nation of moral cowards. Seemingly every time our President opens his mouth (or twiddles his thumbs) he says something offensively, outrageously fucking stupid.

The other day he confused life insurance with health insurance. The President of the United States literally does not know what fucking health insurance even IS.

And yet? Nothing. How much longer will we accept being humiliated in front of the rest of the world?

History is a bitch of a judge. Choose carefully boys and girls. Once you’re on the wrong side of this one, there ain’t no coming back.


“But her emails…..”

…….so went my latest facebook post……some spleen-venting into the ether of the dumbosphere. Since like most I tend to congregate amongst my own kind, there were no dissenters, although I suspect some verbally challenged right wing vulgarian with a Hillary hard-on is searching for the usual “Obama is a Muslim and hates America” response…..hopefully with the words all spelled correctly and the proper usages of “their” “there” “they’re” “your” “you’re” “too” “to” et al…..

I ask for so little.

As George Bush, no longer the dumbest President ever, once said…”bring it on”. I do not argue. I delete.

My life is a tad shallow these days….so I take my fun any way I can get it. Remember, no matter where you are, there’s always somebody dumber than you in the room. It’s a near mathematical certainty.

26scouts-master768Trump is fresh off his best Nuremberg rally impersonation, spewing 4th grade-level bile to thousands of perplexed boy scouts yesterday, demanding their “loyalty” like some coke-fueled African dictator surrounded by his personal militia. As low as he’s managed to set the bar, he still, somehow, almost daily, slithers under it. Recall that his Trump-Youth speech was preceded by an on the record conversation with a reporter in which he clearly and unapologetically admitted to the world that he doesn’t know the difference between health insurance and life insurance. Not a big surprise for a man who thinks that Frederick Douglass is still alive mind you, but still a bit of a stretch for someone who somehow talked 63 million people into voting for him. The fact that a decent percentage of that 63 million had better hope they never get fucking sick again until the day they die probably won’t sway them in the slightest because…..well…Benghazi.

But I digress, as I often do when I’m writing and feeling thoroughly convinced that we’re totally doomed. I see nothing redeemable on the horizon. Even if our nation collectively comes to its senses and forces Jeff Sessions to frog-march Trump out of DC wearing a jump suit the same color as his face/hair……we still gotta explain this one to the next generation. It’s like that tattoo you got after drinking that 12 pack of PBRs. You can wear long sleeve shirts all you want…but that chick’s name is still there. And it’s different than your wife’s.

Surely this nonsense won’t continue for 4 years though, right? Well, it could I suppose. When Stalin had a stroke and was pissing himself on the floor, his minions were afraid to call a doctor for fear that maybe, you know, he’d get mad at them if he somehow didn’t die. That sorta explains Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and Pat Toomey fairly well I suspect, a pack of soulless cowards without a single ball between them. And the less said about that sorry old fool John McCain crawling away from his government sponsored brain surgery so he could start the ball rolling on fucking 20 million people out of even a fraction of that level of care, the better. I was taught to respect my elders.

At this point I honestly think Trump could sodomize a Shih Tzu live on Fox and Friends and gain support…..because Alex Jones would just tell everyone that Obama fucked a Golden Retriever at Bohemian Grove while dressed as a goat. Plus, Hillary harbors pedophiles in the basement of pizza parlors…so….you know….there is that.

After all, nearly 10 pct of US adults think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows….and when you finally wrap your head around that one, you’ll see that all sorts of things are possible.

So there ’tis…

In a bit..


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