– Civil War Battle Ballads (2008 – remastered in 2012)


Remastered in 2012 at Sound Investments Studios by Tom Borthwick
01. Bull Run
02. Shiloh
03. Antietam
04. Chancellorsville
05. Gettysburg
06. Chickamauga
07. The Wilderness
08. Cold Harbor
09. Franklin
10. Appomattox

There is nothing glamorous about war. General William Tecumseh Sherman, who was certainly in a position to know, called it “all hell”. Too many of the songs of the American Civil War painted the conflict in melodramatic, somehow romantic terms….as if the brave charges depicted on countless murals were some sort of bloodless, chivalric game played out for the illustrators.

There is nothing romantic in these songs. A nationwide cataclysm that caused the death of some 600,000 men might inspire some to heights of martial marching music and barely restrained jingoism, but not little ol’ me.

The Civil War fractured a nation…and in many ways we’re still struggling to put the 2 sides back together. There’s a reason a current electoral map looks like something taken off the desk of the War Department in 1861.

And on a lighter note (thank God), hopefully a few good tunes are contained herein. And free too….always the best kind.



All songs written by Tom Flannery
recorded at the Home Office
remastered October 2012
by Tom Borthwick at Sound Investment Studios

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