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We should all take a knee in collective humiliation

September 30, 2017 Leave a comment

donald-trump-puerto-rico-670x469While the mayor of San Juan is wading through sewage with a bullhorn, assisting with rescue efforts, the President of the United States sits at his golf course in New Jersey, surrounded by servants “doing everything for him”, insulting her via Twitter.

He lowers the human decency bar. And then he somehow manages to lower it again. And again. Over and over. He has no bottom. He carries his own backhoe with him.

It’s embarrassing. It’s disgusting. It’s abhorrent. It’s appalling. It’s the behavior of a coddled, sociopathic, narcissistic, deferment-addled 4th grader who refuses to take his medication. He has the morality of a diseased weasel. If he was buried at sea all the fish would die.

And STILL, apparently because he’s not black and/or a woman, and can play pissed off white people like Yo-Yo Ma plays a cello, his supporters defend him. If he buggered a small child in the Rose Garden on live television, he could blame it on Hilary’s private email server and probably GAIN support. It’s no longer mindless partisan hackery. It’s gone way past that. It’s become a cult of personality.

Up is down. Lies are truth. Truth is “fake news”. Education is elitism. Ignorance is patriotic. Nazis are “fine people”. Black football players peacefully railing against injustice are “sons of bitches”. He drained the swamp and filled it with the human equivalent of nuclear waste.

Our nation has no moral compass. It’s gone. So, obviously, any type of moral leadership is out of the question. We’re a banana republic being led by a man who makes Robert Mugabe look like Winston Churchill. He makes Nixon look like George Washington.

He won’t be impeached. It would take republican lawmakers with balls and integrity for that to happen and….well….you get my point. This nonsense will continue until 2020. So get used to it.

But still, what comes next? Somehow 63 million Americans voted for this tiny-fingered human-combover, so there’s no telling what might come next. Perhaps David Duke. Or Mike Pence. But I repeat myself.

We’re doomed people. Doomed. There ain’t no coming back from this. We should all take a knee in collective humiliation. This is on us. We deserve Donald Trump and the wreckage he’s leaving behind….like a horse shitting on a parade route. We’re a national laugh track to a future television show. He’s creating a stain that can never be wiped clean. Like slavery.

He’s our penance. Our purgatory. For all of our sins. Children. Grandchildren. They’re going to look into our eyes and ask us, how did we allow this to happen?

What are we going to tell them?

Can we continue to lose all the battles and still believe we’re gonna win the war?

I no longer argue. I no longer try to change hearts and minds. I’m on the right side of history. I know this because I’m a student of it. If your beliefs spring from fear and loathing, you’re wrong. If you can be manipulated by somebody with a lower IQ, you’re a pawn. You’ll be discarded. You’re an object of disdain in the backrooms of the leaders you idolize.

Because in the end, you get nothing. They get it all.

When you’re down, you’ll look for a hand. I hope your country will offer you one.

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