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West Memphis Blues (we helped them do it Josh!)

August 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Myself and songwriter Josh Pratt (with Lorne Clarke chipping in with the brilliant final touch) decided, back in 2008, to do our bit to shed light on the travesty of justice known as “The West Memphis Three”. Three innocent men will be freed today, after 18 years in prison. One of them, Damien Echols, was on death row. The state of Arkansas was ready, willing, and able to kill him for a crime they knew he did not commit.

While what we did didn’t amount to much….it did add to the chorus of voices shouting for justice. And for that, we are both immensely proud. We didn’t just sit back and take it, and we didn’t say “there’s nothing we can do about it”. There’s always something any of us can do.

You can listen to the songs below. Thanks Josh for taking my call….listening…..being skeptical…..doing the research…and then doing what I knew you’d do all along. I needed you on this.

 West Memphis Blues
an online song cycle
by Tom Flannery and Josh Pratt
copyright 2008

01. West Memphis Blues – Tom Flannery
02. Rock Star – Josh Pratt
03. This Town – Tom Flannery
04. Cup of Coffee – Josh Pratt and Tom Flannery
05. The Jump Before the Climb – Josh Pratt
06. Thinking of You – Tom Flannery
07. Glorious Day – Josh Pratt
08. Away – Tom Flannery
09. When it Rains – Josh Pratt
10. You Know I Believe – Lorne Clarke

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