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Time of Your Life

Jesus. What a lazy sod. Other than working, which can’t be avoided (believe me, I’ve tried), I’ve done nothing but scribble in my handwritten journal all day with an assortment of pens that keep running out of ink. I’ve also considered how I could afford to buy a house in the woods surrounded by a moat and snipers (my dream) if I could only write something as popular as Green Day’s “Time of Your Life”. My nephew called me from the road today…on his way to Madison Square Garden to see Billy Joe and the gang, and that got me thinking this way. Writing songs about ex girlfriend’s and having 20,000 people sing along with you every night is probably a pretty cool feeling. Not that I’d know, having never written a song about an ex (or having 20,000 people sing along with me, for that matter). Maybe Billy Joe is onto something here….


Still, a pretty fucking good song though. I suppose that helps too. See, there’s always a catch.

Anyway, perhaps it’s time to write a song about an ex. But which one? I’ve been tossed overboard more than a few times. I suspect I could write something like “Sandinista” and not repeat myself.

Anyway….onward and all that.

In a bit…


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