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Quarantine Diaries – Day 133 (you ok with this?)

Eventually we’re gonna get through whatever all this is.

We’re gonna have new leadership…..some compassionate adults even. And the arc that bends towards justice is finally gonna be allowed to go its own way, without being manipulated by closed, hateful, small minds.

Things will never be “normal” again, but we’ll find a new version of normalcy that we can live with. We’ll be able to kiss and hug and gather and luxuriate in simply being together all at once, cheering the crack of a bat or that iconic guitar riff that kicks off our favorite song.

And being outwardly hateful towards others will no longer be gleefully tolerated. You will be whack-a-moled back into your spider-hole. The way it used to be. Before….well…you know.

That day is coming, as long as the gentlest among us continue to push and pull the hardest. In the same direction. At the same time.


portlandAre you ok with what you’re seeing? Federal agents in riot-gear, tossing peaceful protesters into unmarked vans, detaining them without charge? In American cities? Lines of protective Mothers getting tear-gassed by wild-eyed Trumptroopers, blindly following illegal orders, disgracing whatever uniform they are wearing. Fascism isn’t on its way, it has already arrived. And there is no longer any sideline to stand on. You either approve of fascism, or you do not. You can be as coy as you want, but you got to pick a side. You don’t get to shit on law and order while chanting “law and order”, unless of course you are just a racist hateful dick looking for some sort of small-dicked validation.

Just following orders. Now where have we heard that one before?

And when the brown shirts come for you, you might want to re-think what side you did choose. Because the back of that van can be a mighty lonely place to be.

You think it ends here? This is where it starts. And unless we rise up and stop it, it will continue. Because if they can get away with detaining you, they’ll move on to the next step. And then the next. And before you know it, people will be disappeared.

They are trying to equate dissent with disloyalty, something tyrants have done for centuries. They always lose, but history can be a bitch when she reminds us how long the games can last.

Nearly 150,000 Americans are dead from Covid-19.

Civil rights giant John Lewis is being honored in the Capital.

Our President is golfing.

But he passed a dementia test. So we’ve got that going for us. Which is nice.


I’ve got 1600+ “friends” on facebook…..the majority of whom I’ve never met in my life. Some I know quite well, and I love hearing from them in all sorts of ways. What they’re up to and what they’re thinking and seeing pictures of their dog in the swimming pool. That’s kinda the point of all this. Or at least it used to be the point.

But somehow there’s a very vocal minority who seem to be living, breathing members of the fucking Nazi party. Just drop-dead racists, the kind of sociopathic dead-enders who only seem to come alive when the people they’ve been taught to blame for everything are truly hurting. Adoring Trump cultists who are not at all worried that their man is making their lives infinitely worse, as long as he sticks it to us brown-queer-immigrant-loving libtards. The ones chanting “lock her up” and waving guns in their front yards and calling a global pandemic a democratic hoax that the entire world is in on just to punish their Lord and Savior….the one who gets massive cheers for walking down a ramp and drinking water with 2 hands and being able to identify small animals from pictures. These are the same ones waltzing through Wal-Mart, faces uncovered so we can better see their scowls, immune to virus droplets and buttressed by their extensive medical experience, courtesy of viral memes from Breitbart. The ones drop-kicking their own children out the door this fall into covid-land, even though Baron doesn’t have to go. Because you know…..

Somehow they also find the time to troll all your posts. Remarkable.

These people make me sad. And they can’t fucking spell either, which drives me CRAZY. Don’t underestimate this point. I can deal with all sorts of nonsensical gibberish, as long as the argument, however filled with lies it may be, is structured and ultimately spell-checked. Allow me to destroy your racist drivel point by point, and not be craze-distracted by your inability to use “there / their / they’re / your / you’re” properly in a fucking sentence.

I’m much more discriminating now than I used to be with the friend approval button. I have to do a quick profile check…..and if there’s a confederate flag or a fucking bald eagle or NASCAR-themed pic front and center…..into the Facebook ether it goes.

You know you do the same. Admit it.


That’s about it for now boys and girls.

Happy racism-isms! I’m about to block your asses!

In a bit..



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