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Edward – The Reviews Are In


Tom Flannery’s latest collection of songs ” Edward” has this singer/songwriter scratching his head in pure wonderment…  Every time this guy writes something down and begins to sing, the listener is taken into a different dimension.. From the opening song We Deserve Better Than This, to Sleepin’ In,  Mickey Mantle, and What If What I Want Is Not Enough… With every melodic track, you can’t help but feel for the characters he has created, and the unique dialogue they have with each other.. How many lives have you lived Thomas ??
Ed Appnel (singer-songwriter)

“Tom’s vast prolific and topical lyrics put together with the great melodies on ‘Edward’ , once again, shows he is a musical force to be reckoned with “.
–Shawn Z (singer-songwriter)

His latest venture, Edward, is Flannery at his best: whimsical, poignant; at times heartbreaking and scathing. In a nutshell, Edward does not disappoint and certain tracks, most notably “We Deserve Better than This,” “Wallflowers” and “Without a Girl,” rank among his finest work. These tunes prove once again that Flannery is deserving of a much wider audience.
–Bruce Janu (Award Winning Filmmaker)

The latest incarnation of this ever-evolving writer is a rock album for the active listener.  You bring the bass and drums.  Tf brings the lust, anger, resentment, and desire.  Solid melodies and, as always, solid storytelling.  It’s easily his most accessible and entertaining collection.
–Josh Pratt (singer-songwriter)

“Once again Flannery defies you to pigeonhole him… a life-long folkie’s unexpected rock record with a whispering understated delivery.  Hard not to keep this one on repeat!”
Lorne Clarke (singer-songwriter)

A singer/songwriter worthy of the title. Memories put to music then played at an intimate party on a comfortable Saturday night. The kind of party where someone says, ‘Tom, tell us a few stories about life and those times that are ‘a fadin’
Mike Stevens – WNEP

“The bars are closed, the streets are empty, and these songs filter through the walls. Tom Flannery’s new recording is small town film noir. After listening I had to grab my guitar and try to write a new song. And that’s a compliment. Good stuff.”
Michael Jerling (singer-songwriter)


Download Edward for FREE here

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