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The new record is available. Get “Edward” for free now…

February 2, 2011

The new record is available. Download “Edward” for free NOW
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We Deserve Better Than This
The Unbelievers
Deliver Me
Mary Ann
Without a Girl
Sleeping In
What If What I Want Is Not Enough
Mickey Mantle
It Could Happen Today

Handwritten Lyrics and Notes

all songs by Tom Flannery
copyright 2011
recorded January 31, February 1,2 2011


Over the last year I wrote one batch of songs and then decided to put them aside. I was too close to them. So I tried to keep my distance by writing simple pop songs. Scribbled out the lyrics in a notebook and searched for melodies.

The only problem was that I didn’t record them like pop songs, so they sound kinda sad and folkie. If I recorded them on 3 different days they might have sounded like the Ramones. When recording alone it’s all about the mood you’re in when you’re in front of the mic. Plus it’s hard to sound like the Ramones when all you have is an acoustic guitar and everyone in the house is trying to sleep.

So “Edward” is the result. I hope you like the songs. I had a lot of fun banging them out. And they’re free. Whadda you got to lose?

–Tom Flannery
February 3, 2011

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