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The game commences

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s a mystery to me
The game commences
For the usual fee
Plus expenses

Mark Knopfler

Decided to write all the songs first…..then record them in one session. Jimmy is proving to be one messed up kid.

Folks continue to disappoint in large doses, either from overactive egos, a lack of common courtesy, or just because they don’t give a shit. There’s a meanness in this world for sure…..but based on what I’m trying to do, all this is sort of a silver lining. Jimmy feels that he can’t trust anybody. Parents, siblings, girls, friends…..they’ve all let him down. What he’s left with is artificial. Stimulants. Fantasy. Cynicism. Only himself to rely on, but still feeling, deep down, that he’s only got himself to blame as well.

What shall he do? That’s what the songs need to answer.

In a bit…


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