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And we’re off…

September 17, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The work commences. Lots of ideas. A song and a half into it. Things will all coalesce in time. That’s the plan anyway. I suppose they could fall apart too, but what’s the fun in a journey if you already know how it’s gonna turn out?

I’m writing about this kid in my head. My “Jimmy” (no, he’s not a Mod or from the Bay area…give me some credit for originality) is an adolescent who’s inner workings resemble a spider web. He wants to stand out, but before he  can do that he needs to fit in. And this he can’t seem to do. Throw in the seemingly unobtainable girl, a constant shortage of spending $$, and a weakness for certain liquids and chemicals, and you’ve got a hormonal clenched fist heading towards a brick wall. His only hope is to wait out the storm. And then….well….not much changes, except expectations. And maybe that’s enough.

But to get there? How do you get there?

I’ve thought a lot about this, and I really think the only long-time cure for adolescence is not being one anymore. Drugs, sex, and rock and roll work, but only temporarily. Even the best kind of each lasts….what…..a few hours? Or a few minutes maybe.

In a bit…


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