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Nothing to report yesterday, as I spent much of my time scrunched over yellow legal pads desperately trying to be creative. Moments of inspiration, and moments of sheer despair. More of the latter I’m afraid, but that’s the way writing goes. I was so pre-occupied I forgot about the President’s health care speech last night, so I missed that bat-shit republican from South Carolina screaming in the middle of it, pulling our nation further down into the surreal trough in the eyes of the rest of the civilized world….who must continue to shake their heads in amazement that loud fat rich white guys are allowed to hijack a plan for the greatest nation on earth to provide basic health care needs to its most neglected citizens…..many of them poor children. And the media plays along like willing executioners. Gee….what do you think the lead story was this morning? It would be funny if it weren’t ultimately so destructive to human beings.

Anyway…..that’s enough of that. Trying to get a first draft of this play done, and it’s been a struggle. But today I grabbed a copy of the new Deadstring Brothers record, which certainly has the potential to make my day. Have also been listening to Brendan Benson’s 4 records over the last few weeks. Pop songs don’t get much better. If I can’t have Noel Gallagher, I’ll take Brendan Benson.

Music can break your heart. But it can save your sorry ass too. My writing hand needs the equivalent of a sugar rush today, so onward we go. Eventually, I need to pick the guitar up again. It seems sad.

In a bit…


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