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Early teens….

Writing today. Or trying to. Prose actually. Damn deadlines. But without them, I’d get nothing done. Ever try to put your head into the cranium of a 15 year old? I don’t suggest it unless you’re being paid. And even then, don’t just think twice. Think about a dozen times. It may have you reaching for the Seconals before mother nature says it’s time. And while it’s not true that all early teens are damaged, a large percentage of them surely are. Tread with caution. And if you think you know how they think by thinking back to how you used to think, think again. The previous sentence may seem confusing but it’s really not. It should make perfect sense to any who have any.

Labor Day finally put to bed. That means summer can be put out of it’s misery and fall and football can commence with vigor. So what if it’s 80 some degrees today with vapor rising from the road? We can’t let insignificant details like a lingering steam bath bring us hot weather haters down. It’s fall dammit. Let the leaves fall where they may…..and change all sorts of colors beforehand. And let us watch in horrified fascination as Charlie Weis’s waistline grows larger than a hula-hoop…..as his team of poorly coached highly recruited under-achievers get stomped like fire-ants by every top 25 team they play all year. It should be great fun. It’s like going to the same person’s funeral 5 or 6 times a year.

300 more words to go.

In a bit…


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