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No shortage of ideas….

No shortage of ideas. The difficulty is in maintaining the discipline (and the brains) to weed out the really bad ones. Easier said that done….especially when you possess the attention span of a 5 pound bag of fertilizer. I get extremely bored extremely easy, so I rarely, if ever, will not write a song in one sitting. If I can’t complete it in one go, I usually ball it up and throw it away. This is an astonishingly dense thing to do, of course. I know that some quality stuff has been shredded along with the dreck, but I still can’t force myself to pick up today what I left off yesterday.

This goes for recording as well. The thought of doing ten takes of the same song fills me with Kurtzian-like horror. Actually, the thought of doing two takes of the same song fills me with Kurtzian-like horror. But recording with a full band….I know this one-take attitude has to change…..especially with my penchant for making up arrangements and/or lyrics on the spot, while tape is running. Drummers and bass players are notoriously touchy about such unscripted detours. I’ll change keys. I’ll change tempos. I’ll add an extra few bars here and there. I’ll add a line. I’ll delete a line. In other words, I’ll behave like a folk singer.

Must change. At least this once.

In a bit…


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