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Time…or the lack thereof

One of the problems with making records is that it costs money most guitar players do not have. That’s a given, but then our homes cost money we don’t have too. Why should making records be any different? The trick is to find a studio that accepts credit cards. Simple. Problem solved.

But the lack of time is even thornier. I have to work for a living, poor sod that I am, so all this pretending-I’m-Noel-Gallagher stuff needs to happen after-hours. When the bars are closed as it were. And sometimes you get so tired that what you think is a bolt of insanely catchy inspirational lightning is instead, in the brutal light of day, simply the regurgitation of a riff found deep in the bowels of “Exile on Main St”.

It can ruin your day, quite frankly.

But, alas, we push forward. Hell, even Keith Richards regurgitates riffs found deep in the bowels of “Exile on Main St”, which is why the Stones are today about as relevant as Romper Room.

In a bit….


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