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Keep moving on….

It’s all over. Finally. Our long national nightmare is over. He won’t concede, and he’ll rant and rave and break whatever he can break on the way out, but that’s just the hubris of a failed reality-TV star. It’s over, and we’re finally going to be rid of this pestilence. I’m pretty sure the entire crime family will howl into the Twitter-wind for years to come, but I expect people to give less and less of a shit, and the media to slowly grow weary of his rantings when the ratings finally tank….and all that will be left are the libraries filled with books trying to figure out how it was allowed to happen in the first place. And, if there is any justice left in the world, a hefty dose of state prison sentences.

I woke to the news of Georgia, and I felt like I was floating. All that John Lewis inspired “good trouble”, and all the hard work of the soon-to-be legendary Stacy Abrams, who worked tirelessly to register 800k voters across the state affected by voter suppression. The slow drip-drip of the results coming in had to be driving Dear Leader crazy….and then he gets slammed over the head with Kornacki at the board showing Pennsylvania slipping away at the same time. The President was quick to pounce on Twitter, and of course spelled it “Philadelpiha”. I’m not sure there’s enough Adderall in the White House dispensary to focus the man’s mind anymore. Last night’s terrifying rant was still in our minds (and noses), and if he’s that batshit with the cameras running, the thought of him screeching through the White House halls like Nixon cranked on bathtub meth brought a huge smile to my face. I adore democracy because when it works it pisses off, and on, fascists.

So let me think. I wonder if your goons threatening to kidnap the Governor of Michigan was a good idea? I wonder if trashing John McCain while he was alive, and when he was dead, helped you out in Arizona? I wonder if all them snide remarks about “bad things happening in Philadelphia” helped your vote count there? Did instructing your cult not to vote via the mail help you out? You lost not just because you’re reprehensible, but because you’re a fucking moron. Hoisted by your own Petard. Not sure your followers are the Shakespeare type but there’s always google, eh Bubba?

So many folks I know were willing this to happen. Time has stood still over the last few days…everything put on hold. What’s at stake is too numerous to count. For women. For LGBTQ. For immigrants. For black and brown people. All who have been treated with almost casual cruelty over the last 4 years. And yes, there are some of us out here well aware of our white privilege, but still willing to go to the mattresses over the lashes inflicted on the backs of others. It’s called empathy, and whatever shortcomings Joe Biden may have, a lack of that does not appear to be one of them.

Whenever my youngest daughter is out of touch for a few hours, she’s been checking in by asking “did Democracy die while I was away?” so it’ll be nice to not have to check with Steve Kornacki before getting back to her.

My facebook feed is usually filled with Trump trolls, but other than the usual suspects ranting about Sharpies, they seem to have retreated to a war room somewhere, plotting their next moves. Perhaps more flags flying from their pick-up trucks, or brushing up on their constitutional law degrees. Nobody said it was easy living in an alternative universe. Right now it’s the 8th round in Zaire and they’re all George Foreman. SAD!

I’m not sure what’s left to be said at this point. Probably every word in the dictionary has already been tossed at this election, and it’s still hard to fathom how nearly 70 million Americans voted for a rancid narcissistic racist with the morals of a diseased toad. Ignorance came close to burning the entire thing to the ground, so it’s gonna be a while before everything they shattered can be put back together again. It’ll be a while before an education system that spectacularly failed so many people can be fixed and we can once again travel the world without getting snickered at. Getting rid of Betsy Devos is certainly a start though, just saying.

Baby steps bubba….

Keep moving on…

In a bit..


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