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Our long national nightmare…

In a few more days our long national nightmare will be over. Or it will continue for another 4 years. Polls say Biden is gonna win, but they said the same thing about Hilary, and that didn’t work out too well. Trump supporters are impervious to lots of things, facts among them, so he hasn’t lost a single supporter in 4 years that I’m aware of, despite shitting on them every chance he gets. (saying he can shoot them with impunity? Check. Leaving them out in the cold until they need to be treated for hypothermia? Check. Saying if the election wasn’t so close he’d never lower himself to be in their state? Check. Telling women he’s “sending their husbands back to work”? Check.) Winning the popular vote is irrelevant, as we know. It’s all about turnout at this point. Early indicators point to it being huge, but they said that in 2016 too. They always say that. Finally, this is gonna be the election that’s gonna get young people off their ass…blah blah blah….and then the numbers come in and once again we find that 45% of registered voters didn’t cast a ballot, and most first-time registered voters stayed home and played video games.. Most likely it’s gonna be 50/50, back and forth all night long…….and Trump and his minions are gonna muddy the waters with cries of mail-in voter fraud et al……and raise a Cyborg-army of lawyers to drag this thing out. If it comes to it, he can call on his Supreme Court, newly buttressed with his very own handmaiden, to rule in his favor. He’s been pissing on Democracy for 4 years, expecting him to stop and walk away quietly is absurd. If you think he’s wild and rabid now, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The only thing keeping this guy out of jail is the cover of the Presidency. Bush v Gore in 2000 is gonna look like the good ‘ol days of a finely oiled republic in comparison to this shit show.

I’m hearing tales of folks who requested mail-in ballots not receiving them. Of folks mailing them in and not receiving a confirmation that they’ve been counted. Folks being turned away from early voting. In-person voting places being changed at the last minute. Piles of mail backed up at post offices. Blatant voter suppression. The shenanigans have already begun. They intend to steal this one fair and square bubba. They don’t care who knows it. They are a mob of soulless criminals, and the only way for this nation to heal itself is to throw them all over the side for chum.

Covid numbers are roaring back. Cases are higher than they were in March, and a steady 30,000 a month are dying. (Did this stop the White House from listing “ending the Covid pandemic” as one of their “accomplishments”? It did not.) ICUs are being slammed again, and the Dear Leader-inspired anti-mask death cult is, if anything, growing more vocal as cases rise, sound logic not exactly being their strong suit. We are by far the dumbest nation on earth, and getting dumber by the day. We reject science. We reject history by not knowing it. We’re frightfully susceptible to the most outrageous forms of propaganda. We were conned by a reality-TV star. How do you think that’s gonna play in the future editions of history books? At least the Romans were invaded by Barbarians. This one’s an inside job. Born and bred right here in the USA. Betsy Devos, who has the IQ of tree bark, and who despises public education, is in charge of public education in this nation, which should tell you all you need to know, but the ones who really need to know this are marching around with Tiki-torches and confederate flags, screaming about Black Lives Matter….so in fairness to them they’be been distracted.

We survived Nixon. He slithered out of the White House like a scalded dog, but only after his own party had had enough. Today? There is no republican party anymore. What you have is a pack of rancid cowards, terrified of being given a derogatory nickname and made fun of on Twitter, traitors all. It’s like Trump has a pee-pee tape that features all of them. The ones who do speak out always seem to do so after they’ve left office. The GOP has been melted down, and a cult of personality has risen, a statue of an orange man with the world’s worst comb-over, hovering over their respective shoulders. Demanding fealty, but not using that word because it’s too advanced.

Nobody in Washington is going to do the right thing. That ship sailed 4 years ago, and immediately slammed into an global-warming-inspired iceberg (“it’s fake! full speed ahead!”) , and has been at the bottom of the ocean ever since. We have to do it. And it has to be in overwhelming numbers. He needs to be humiliated. Like Nixon. Only then do we have a fighting chance.

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  1. October 30, 2020 at 2:37 pm

    Trump must go, and he must take a number of Congressional Republicans with him.

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