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Quarantine Diaries – Day 148

It’s been the simple things lately.

The storm that skirted by and left us alone, or the lone cloud that hides the sun just long enough to make the hot temps bearable. The deep blue sky hovering over the top of the green trees off our back deck. Collapsing into a comfortable chair after a long walk, chugging from an ice-cold water bottle, knowing that work is done, and play can commence. Watching the sun go down from the front porch, armed with a blue-tooth speaker and a killer playlist. Feeling the relentless heat finally dissipate, replaced by a cooling breeze. The right song at the right time. A cold drink that’s not water but every bit as refreshing. The well-timed nap…..always best unannounced and unplanned. Catching up with friends via a flurry of fun-filled text messages. Hearing my girls upstairs, together and laughing, best friends even if they still won’t admit it. Finding that one movie you wanted to see pop up all of a sudden on Netflix. Strumming the guitar and finding an expected melody. Finally finding the right word. Playing fetch with the dog…..watching his tail wag as fast as a propeller blade. Our dogs gives the kind of love we could all learn from. Pandemic? For them this is a dream come true. All us, all the time. His tail hasn’t stopped wagging since Mid-march. All these things. Little moments. Frivolous even. Added all up, they are what makes this all bearable. The retrospective good stuff.

All this isolation. Our senses are heightened now. The stuff that made us feel bad pre-covid makes us feel worse now. But the stuff that always made us feel better is even more welcome in this strange new world we’ve build around ourselves.

Hang onto all of it. Somehow we’re gonna get through this.

In a bit..


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