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Quarantine Diaries – Day 112

I’m running of of things to say about our President.

I mean…..I can always shit on him. Don’t get me wrong. But I feel like I’m repeating myself. It is a struggle to maintain a high level of written outrage when faced with so much relentless material.

But….what the hell. It’s not like I can leave the house without getting coughed on by some shitheel willing to kill people so he can strut to his restaurant table without wearing a mask.

So it ain’t like I don’t have the time.

nooseTrump is a blatantly racist twat with the morals of a diseased toad. He has no bottom. He’ll go as low as he has to go to fire up the goobers in his cult, who are increasingly calling to mind the dingbats in Jonestown, Guyana, who willingly lined up to be poisoned, because that’ll show ’em, eh? The racism isn’t even cloaked in dog-whistles anymore. It’s tossed out wholesale like red-meat to one of Joe Exotic’s tigers, and gobbled up with the same enthusiasm. Today his target was NASCAR’s lone black driver, who was so uppity that he reported the noose he found hanging in his garage. Because calling out Bubba Wallace is just what Lincoln or FDR would have done.

The only way out of this nightmare is to frog-march the spray-tanned motherfucker out of the White House in chains, and carry the spectacle live on Hannity, in the hope that carrying it on Fox might break the spell he casts on about half of my facebook “friends”.

If Facebook has any redeeming qualities, and that’s highly doubtful, it’s that it makes it really easy to tell how many of your “friends” are potential Klan members. It’s been staggering to me to see the posts of people I thought I knew….spewing hateful, racist spittle that makes about as much sense as Trump at one of his Covid rallies. “All Lives Matter” and “grr I ain’t wearing no mask because my rahts…..grrrr” and “I’m gonna own me some libtards” and “socialism……grr…..I can’t define it because I’m too busy listening to Ted Nugent….but I know it when I see it grrrrr….where’s my relief check anyway?….from my cold dead hands…..grrrrr..” Having a conversation with a Trump supporter these days is like trying to convince my cat to read Proust.

(If that makes sense to you, then you’re probably not a Trump supporter.)

I’ve never wanted to throat-punch so many people at the same time in my entire life, and I realize this isn’t a good state of mind to be in, so I try to decompress by sitting on my front porch with a beer and 10 minutes later an obese pick-up truck roars past hanging a confederate flag from one side of the bed, with a Trump 2020 flag from the other side, and I feel a sudden urge to want to throat-punch myself for even thinking that things were going to get better. Because sometimes it’s hard to tell which virus is doing the most damage to our country. Eventually there will be a vaccine for Covid-19. There ain’t no vaccine for stupid, bubba. It comes straight from the top now, and the ones who might have been a little hesitant to shout “yeee-haaaw….I don’t like me some black people” in a crowded theater are now lining up to do so because they’ve been given papal dispensation from the grand cyclops, who defines a good day as one in which he doesn’t have to delete a tweet after half of twitter start making fun of him for the misspelled words.

And don’t even get me started on his children. I won’t pick on poor Barron…..he’s just a poor sap with questionable genetics and a bemused look that says “once I get my inheritance I’m outta here…..”. So he gets a pass. The other 2 boys are so blindingly stupid that they make Ivanka, who has the IQ of a pair of boxer shorts and the self-awareness of a skunk at a garden party, seem like Eleanor Roosevelt in comparison. How these kids manage to tie their own shoes in the morning is a mystery solved only because they have enough stolen charity funds to pay somebody to do it for them. Don Jr. was posting anti-mask gibberish the day before his own un-masked girlfriend tested positive for the coronavirus, which I’m sure he didn’t find ironic at all. And he’s not even the dumbest son. Eric tried to be clever by posting pics that showed recently arrested Epstein confidant Ghislaine Maxwell with Bill Clinton, only to be met with a barrage of photos showing her with his own father. He deleted the tweet quicker than a dog yelps when somebody steps on his tail. The only competition between the older Trump boys is who might be as dumb as the old man.

Melania? She’ll get out of Dodge as soon as her tour of duty is over. Anybody who thinks she’s in this for the duration thinks Hilary is gonna go to jail over her emails.

November beckons. A nation rages. And is sickened. Half pull one way and half pull the other. To be silent now is to be complicit. What’s at stake is whatever you can dream of. What’s at stake is whether those dreams are even worth dreaming in the first place.

Choose carefully.

In a bit..


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