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Where Do We Go From Here?

Where Do We Go From Here?

Scratch it off or mark it down for all that it is worth
a footprint or a whispered smile to spread among the earth
scream en masse or breathe it in or raise a virtual beer
the question that remains is where do we go from here

Like thieves we come out at night and frighten without sound
and then send up a drone to watch the chaos on the ground
a dab of sanitizer or a wash in memory’s tears
if we keep it all at bay where do we go from here

If you can sing an old song and make it sound brand new
and the words come ’round the bend like the chosen few
that means the world is silent when the coast is clear
and with no sense of direction where do we go from here

All boats rise with the tide to reach the summer moon
that lights the way for those of us who might have spoke too soon
nothing seen or unseen can spread quite like the fear
of a delayed new morning….where do we go from here

Boots and hearts on the ground like the laughter of a child
that breaks away from panic like a river running wild
all that we hold sacred and all that we hold dear
are looking for a clue as to where we go from here

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