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There’s a place…

We live in a strange place, Bubba.

A place of fear and walls and lies.

A place that’s too often mean and ignorant.

A place that too often lacks basic empathy.

A place that twists religion to justify its anti-matter.

A place that fears strong women and lionizes small men.

A place that distorts the truth and accepts the lie.

A place of newly-emboldened racists, and young people who, having no experiences to draw on, think marauding bands of scowling khaki-wearing nazis marching with swastikas and tiki-torches is normal. Why else would the President of the United States refer to some of them as “very fine people”?

A place that has replaced soaring rhetoric with misspelled tweets and CAPITAL letters and exclamation points. All entered into the Presidential record, “covfefe” and “smocking gun” included…..for future generations to both laugh at and question our sanity with. From “the better angels of our nature” to “SAD!” Nobody should have to deal with this. That I can tell you. Totally “unpresidented”!

A place filled with those willing to fuck themselves over as long as it means those they’ve been taught to fear are fucked over too.

A place of contrarians.

A place that kills its prophets.

A place that doesn’t learn from history because it’s filled with people who don’t know history.

And still….a place capable of astounding acts of kindness, both large and small.


Happy new year boys and girls…

In a bit..



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