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See how it all fits together?

Sometimes you sit down with the guitar….or face the piano keys….and the music flows.

Sometimes you sit with pad and pen….and the words flow.

As a songwriter, both of these things have to happen at the same time. And therein lies the rub. Because they rarely do.

Make no mistake. You CAN force it. If you paid me to write songs……I could make a fortune. If you paid me to write good songs….I might have to live on Mac and Cheese and Pabst Blue Ribbon…..but still that would be preferable to actually working for a living, which is what I’m forced to do now.

Come to think of it, even with a real job Mac and Cheese and PBRs are never far away. So what gives? Well…a “real job” guarantees that I don’t have to charge them. I have to charge just about everything else, but still. Living the American Dream and all that. That’s me.

Songwriting feels like work when you’re doing it, but when you do it right and look back on it you realize you were having the time of your life. That’s the power of music.

Real work feels like work and when you look back on it you wonder how you hell you ever got through it. Which is why so many of us sit at our desks with headphones on listening to music.

See how it all fits together?

You’re welcome.

In a bit..


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