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Quick update….

Still here. Still busy. Still working.

In no particular order…..this is what’s on my plate..

pen-and-pad1. an ep of new songs recorded with my friend John Canjar (of “Nowhere Slow” fame). Set to kick off recording next week. Probably 4 or 5 songs. Hooky….Beatle-esque pop is the goal. All live into 2 mics. Guitars. Some harp. Some harmonies. A sort of demented NEPA Everly Brothers. The kind of thing you get into music for in the first place.

2. a full length CD of new songs co-written with the extraordinary George Wesley, my long time musical brother and mentor. The project will commemorate Bob Marley”s 70th b-day. Songs are being written now…..as me and George toss ideas back and forth almost daily. To quote George…”Jah WORKS”. Here’s hoping.

3. adapting my play “God Bless Roy Campanella” into a screenplay for a film starring Liz Naro….a longtime friend (and fellow Dunmorean) and a truly gifted actress. This is going to be a huge challenge…and not only because I’ve never written a screenplay before….although that’s one reason. Money is another…..as I suspect movies require some. But first things first eh? I did manage to find free screenwriting software….so….you know…..baby steps.

4. Write a one act play for 4 females….amazing actresses all, including Kathryn Priestash and Ellen O’Brien Sherry. Scary stuff for a male of the species….scarier still because they claim to trust me. But still, talent like this even a dumb guy does not say no to.

Of course there is also the pesky “making a living” thing that cuts through all of these projects like a scythe. And sleep.

But although necessary, sleep ain’t fun.

My latest record is available here…..in case….you know….you forgot and stuff.

In a bit…


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  1. jimbob
    January 26, 2015 at 11:04 am

    ok, this post is just too target rich, I will have to restrain myself.
    1. I got into music for the treats available at Grateful Dead concerts.
    4. This one is so easy: One word: Lesbians

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