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Most people are all for freedom of speech….until that speech is something they disagree with….in which case they turn into Kim Jong-un with a really bad attitude..

Feels odd that we still don’t get that while we have an inalienable right to be an asshole in this country, that doesn’t mean we lose our “rights” when folks like….say…our employer….decide to punish us for our actions. It’s totally within my rights to go stampeding around saying I hate gay people….but if I hang a pro Westboro Baptist Church sticker in my cubicle, I probably have no legal options when the company I work for fires my ass. It’s the way things go. It’s known as “consequences”……and they can indeed be pesky.

us we theMost people are all for freedom of speech….until that speech is something they disagree with….in which case they turn into Kim Jong-un with a really bad attitude. So if some hippie from Vermont calls Reagan a doucebag in an editorial in the “Greenpeace Gazette”, Sarah Palin is on Fox News wanting an immediate amendment to the constitution that bans calling the Gipper a doucebag. And this is news. (If is ok, however, to call Clinton a doucebag, because this is “free speech”)  In the same vein….it’s ok for Obama to eavesdrop on my phone and internet conversations, but when Bush does it Democrats want to go all Nixon on him.

It’s the same logic in calling yourself “pro-life” and then saying it’s ok for the state to execute somebody. If everybody has a “right to life”, why is it Ok to say, “except this guy?” I say it’s the same “logic” because….well….there’s no logic at all. I have friends who call themselves pro-life. I have friends who say they support the death penalty. There’s not much I can do about what somebody believes and I really don’t lose sleep over either. But I reserve to right to be confused when the same person claims both. It’s quite American, I think, to feel this way. I feel like I’m being constitutional and stuff. Makes me feel red white and blue all over.

Burning the flag? How many men and women have fought and died for the freedom that flag represents? But our nation is not sturdy enough to handle a few crackpots with lighters? Disconnect? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Immigration? Those damn illegals. Deport ’em right? Well…ok. But when all those pesky jobs those illegals do, like picking your food, suddenly cost agricultural companies a lot more to fill….and the “legal” people filling them start getting all Union -antsy when they realize how dangerous and shitty these jobs really are….and then prices go up…and corporate profits shrink….and them dividend checks get lighter…make sure you say “well that’s ok because it’s all part of the glorious free-market system..” You’ll say that right? (And you’ll cut your own grass and plant your own fucking garden too, right?)

And then there is really creepy stuff….like this NBA owner. A private conversation he has is leaked to the world. In it he’s outed as a run of the mill bigot. And old rich white guy boinking a dumb-as-a-stump 20 something who just happens to not be his wife. This guy is outed as a bigot. We’re shocked. Shocked I tell you!

Nobody can really defend this guy. I mean….he is a cretin and if anybody was paying attention (we weren’t) we’d know this already because he wasn’t shy about openly discriminating against brown people when it came to renting out his very public real estate properties. For this…..there was no public outcry. At all.

But this? Batshit crazy went the nation.

Still and all, I know lots of cretins. If every private conversation any of us had was suddenly placed into the public domain, how many of us are not gonna look like cretins from time to time? Answer? None. It’s the whole “people who live in glass houses” thing. It’s a pretty good analogy when you think about it.

Toss this guy out of the league for breaking the law? Surely. You can’t decide not to rent property to somebody because of the color of their skin. Good riddance. Except nobody gave a shit. Not juicy enough apparently.

Toss him out of the league for a leaked phone conversation? A leaked private phone conversation. Um….isn’t this a bit Orwellian? A bit of a slippery slope? Wasn’t there a line crossed here?

Today the soup du jour is a gay football player who was drafted into the NFL. Historic for sure. Not because he’s the first gay NFL player (boys…really?…insert head in sand much?), but because he’s the first openly gay man in the NFL. Our nation has come a long way. But then again, maybe not, since when in his joy at being selected the player kissed his male friend on live TV, it became front page news on CNN. The kiss became front page news. Not the selection.


In a world where religions extremists, in the name of God, kidnap little girls with the plan to sell them for $12 each, Americans are apparently more outraged at the sight of a gay man kissing his partner.

So yea….there’s that.

I wish what I’ve just written made more sense…but it’s the best I can do at the moment. My head feels woozy.

In a bit..


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  1. jimbob
    May 13, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    I am a cretin, and I rushed through your article to hurry up and read about Beyonce’s sister bitch slapping JayZ, now that’s news.

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