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An update from Kris Kehr

Read all our updates on our collaboration here. This is the latest from Kris….

There, up there, is a beautiful mountain…I love it, so beautiful and majestic. Re-energizes me, makes things clear again, when things start to fog up. Only on special days can I find the energy and will to climb the winding path by myself all the way to the top. Some days it seems easy, I’m barely noticing the footsteps I’m placing up hill; others it takes a few stops and breaks, even days & weeks before I trudge on, knowing the payoff is much greater than the toil.

 This time a friend says ‘let’s find a different path, I love that place too.” So off we go, machetes and chainsaws in hand, blazing a new trail. Today we cut straight up, other days we take turns hacking away in a more zig-zag direction; others still we cut for a while by ourselves before we meet part way up the hill, then forge ahead together. I’ve often heard it’s not so much the destination but the trip along the way, although more correctly it’s a combination of the 2.

 A good partner in such endeavors knows and marvels at that same mountain though he’s enjoyed it’s beauty from his own angle, but loves climbing enough to want to find a new way (or several new ways) with you, to enjoy it in a brand new way.

 And of course you have each others’ back along the way.

 Now of course I’m not talking literally about mountains and climbing, it’s a metaphor for ice cream sundaes and car restoration and instead of machetes and chain saws I really mean cross bows and garden gnomes. But my point is you learn something about yourself (and your friends) when you brave a new challenge together with a new kind of pay-off and sense of satisfaction.

 So I’m off with my cross bow to blaze a new dusty road with my comrade Mr. Flannery, and the view is fantastic!

 More later….

 Kris Kehr – 10/10/13

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  1. jimbob
    October 11, 2013 at 9:46 am

    I once saw a big mountain

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