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Words for Word’s sake

Cold snap. Finally. From the top of the mountain you could watch a heavy fog linger over the valley and then obliterate it completely. The wind howled for a few hours and the rain fell a few hours more. Water started seeping under the doors. It was a good day to be inside. Even working inside.

It’s dark by 7 or so. I don’t feel so lazy going to bed early. Or at least threatening to by curling up with a book. It’s a long week and it’s best not to start the rat race too fast. By Thursday I figure I can push it and reach the weekend regardless of conditioning. Any earlier than that you start risking sick days. They must be hoarded. Cold mornings are worth sleeping through as long as you’re still getting paid.

Must resist the urge to nap in the early evening. Not sure why, as it’s a heavenly thing to do. But it can lead to some late nights, which of course leads to more early naps. And on and on it goes until something ghastly breaks the spell, like mandatory overtime or attending a wake.

Less people out and about. Streets empty earlier. Go for a walk and you can’t resist the urge to peep into front windows because TVs are roaring like fires. Playoff baseball? Game shows? Bad re-run comedies? Does anybody talk anymore?

Ah well. And so it goes. ‘Tis nice sometimes to deal in words just for word’s sake.

In a bit…..


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  1. jimbob
    October 8, 2013 at 9:48 am

    Ah, Florida the Sunshine State

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