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When the Circus Comes to Town

New song written at the kitchen table.

When the Circus Comes to Town

The canvas will all be packed
the carny’s and the con
gone to find another town
to pull one over on
home might be a state of mind
but a man still needs a bed
to share a little human tough
and the dreams left in his head

So I’m leaving what I used to be
and all the things I know
the sins and sinners standing still
to put on one more show
maybe she got the best of me
and the rest of me can’t tell
but what if it remembers
and doesn’t take it well?

But that’s just nerves talking
coming up from the ground
ready to take over when
the circus comes to town

So yea I made some mistakes
did some hurting too
I sure done a lot of things
that I wasn’t supposed to do
But still when I make up my mind
no one can turn me ’round
from scratching out a brand new home

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  1. June 25, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    … love those lines like … what if it remembers
    and doesn’t take it well … great to hear this new tune.
    Love your writing and the way you sing … cheers

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