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Love and Streets Available Now!

Love and Streets
The Show
Road Weary
A Fighter
The Indianapolis
My Lai
Drunk Driving
I Hate To Get Up in the Morning
Love Is a Four Letter Word

Tom Flannery – guitar/vocals
recorded at the Home Office in Archbald, PA
produced by Tom Flannery
all songs written by Tom Flannery
copyright 2012 BMI
mastered by George Graham
cover photo by Aaron Condida

song details…

What folks are saying…

Tom Flannery’s songwriting chops are in peak condition. to paraphrase the now famous call at the end of the 1973 belmont stakes, taken by triple-crown winner secretariat, ”…tom flannery…is writing and recording….like a great machine”.

First it was “teen angst and the green flannel” from tom and the shillelaghs, the best original record i’d heard since “show and tell” from ed randazzo. now, on the heels of that, comes “love and streets”, a stripped-down, acoustic offering showcasing some of the best storytelling and wit this side of john prine and loudon wainwright.

Eleven songs, and the subject matter from track to track is wonderfully unexpected; the title cut, about desperate lives in desperate towns; “the show”, one of the best baseball narratives anyone’s ever written, period; “the indianapolis”, an epic folk tale of the tragic fate of the battleship that delivered the first atomic bomb during world war II: the wry “drunk driving”,about falling back on old habits and crutches, and “my lai” a riveting narrative about a g.i.’s firsthand account of the my lai massacre during the vietnam war in 1968 and it’s affect on his postwar existence. from start to finish, lyrically powerful songs with beautiful guitar figures and melodies to compliment the whole affair.

This one’s a must, just like “teen angst….” is. more great work from a prolific talent. tom flannery deserves major exposure.,,,can’t wait for the next one!
–Mike Naydock / OurTownRadio


“With a nod towards Springsteen’s ‘The Ghost of Tom Joan’ and ‘Nebraska,’ Tom Flannery’s ‘Love and Streets’ offers a moody collection of story-telling numbers that showcase his ability to convey emotions and paint pictures with his music.”
– Alan K. Stout, 102.3-FM, The Mountain

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  1. November 12, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    I looked iTunes last night ( in Canadian iTunes ) and it wasn’t there … Will have another look today!

  2. November 15, 2012 at 10:43 am

    It was on Canadian iTunes store … have been listening for a few days …
    I love this record.

    I got love and Tom Flannery records … and it’s alright …

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