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New record coming soon

It’s called “Love and Streets”

11 songs. All just me and the guitar recorded live in my basement on a Yamaha 8 track machine with 2 condenser mics. I didn’t overdub anything because I’m too dense to understand the Yamaha manual and too impatient to work on my denseness. I’m quite proud of this actually. I’d rather add a better third verse than a guitar solo.

Tentative running order for the tracks..

Love and Streets
The Show
Road Weary
A Fighter
The Indianapolis
My Lai
Drunk Driving
I Hate To Get Up in the Morning
Love Is a Four Letter Word

George Graham is mastering it now (nice to be working with George again. It’s been too long). I’m off with a camera to search for a cover pic. My friend Jerry McTague is gonna put the artwork together for me. Then, we’ll make it available to the digital world. For years I gave my music away for free via downloads. I made a lot of friends this way, but alas, no money. Imagine that? So no more freebies. Besides, what’s $10 among friends?

Excited about this one. I know I say that about all of ’em but still, this time I mean it even more.

In a bit..


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