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punch-drunk from too much bible…chicken and religion

So the chick-fil-a guy doesn’t like gays. He supports multiple organizations that don’t like gays. He gives his money to organizations who don’t like gays. Most Americans mind their own business and if a guy falls in love with a guy or a girl falls in love with a girl, well…good for them. We hope it works out for you.

This guy is punch-drunk from too much bible. He makes news because he’s rich. His 15 minutes will be up soon, thanfully. I wish we weren’t so fixated on rich people. Most are very unpleasant little cretins.

It’s not against the law to be an unpleasant cretin. It’s his restaurant. He can do whatever he wants. If you think he’s some sort of free speech martyr then go eat some of his fucking chicken and try not to choke on the little bones. That’s your right too. If you think he’s just a bigoted asshole and don’t like the idea of your money going to some shadowy hate organizations, then don’t go to his restaurant.

If you feel so strongly about his stand that you actually want to encourage people to eat at chick-fil-a, that’s your right. Have fun trolling for homophobes. If you are appalled by all this, it’s perfectly within your right to move in the other direction and organize a boycott. Or try to.

In America we’ve got rights. You can’t chip away at the first amendment. If you do, it’s only a matter of time before it crumbles. Once you start down a slope, it’s already slippery. You can’t legislate hate, mostly because what most people consider “hateful” others call “religion”. And so it goes. We’re free to practice any religion we choose….or none at all. A lot of religions use hate as a way to keep the masses in control…and to keep them dropping silver in the collection tray. Organized religions spend so much time damning others to hell you wonder when they’ll find the time to ensure their own spot in heaven.

For me it comes down to this. Mind your own business. If in practicing your religion you hurt others, find another fucking religion to practice. Or better yet, start dropping silver into baskets of actual poor people. I never knew Jesus was so perpetually in need of funds.

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