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Getting real itchy now. Thinking of barreling forward and just making another record. Maybe one of those “and now for something completely different” records. All songs about pelicans or maybe songs with no major chords in them or 10 songs that each contain the same mount of words. Perhaps a concept album about my duel man-crush on Noel Gallagher and Brendan Benson.

So you see, there’s never a shortage of ideas. Just time. And not sleeping can take care of much of the latter. And it’s amazing how your latest record not selling gets you thinking about making a new one. It’s the best record I’ve ever made. Not much I can do about it. Maybe I’ll become famous when I’m dead and Pete Townshend’s Ghost will be the subject of a book by Greil Marcus. Hell, if “Apple Suckling Tree” was deemed genius, I can’t be that far behind.

Now, where are those pills?

In a bit…


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