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Pushing a boulder uphill….

I get the thing close….and then it rolls back down to the bottom and nearly flattens me. But I got a few more attempts left in me before my arms fall off.

Always remember…..if shit was gold the poor wouldn’t have assholes.

That’s the kinda world I’m forced to try to be creative in.

Just wrote and cut a song today called “Pills and Jesus”.

Four eyes and a mixed up head
beer cans underneath the bed
short skirts, fruit, and snakes
and time to transubstantiate

You think you have issues?

In my spare time I’ve also come to the conclusion that Joe DiMaggio killed Kennedy. It’s so obvious I’m surprised it took me this long to figure it out.

I’ve discovered Will Hoge too…..got about 6 of his records. Killer stuff. Honest straight ahead rock and roll….and he sings like Otis Redding just to make me even more jealous. His music is certainly helping me deal with my latest crisis, which is merely the potential for utter catastrophic financial ruin. Ain’t no big thang. I’m actually kinda amazed I’ve avoided this for so long.

Anyway….gotta twiddle some more.

In a bit….


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  1. December 15, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    glad ya finally found the Hoge!!
    you would probably get into Hayes Carrl, as well.

    Bruce Robison is another that can write like no other..

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