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Another True Believer

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Been struggling with a song called “Another True Believer”. Think I finally got it right last night. Time will tell. Such a simple little song, but it kept squirming out of my grasp. Like trying to pick up water with your hands.

Been a tough few days in the neighborhood. We all lost a wonderful piece of our lives, and it hurts individually and collectively. Sometimes you just wish you could turn back the clock. But time hits you like a train. Anyway, work is the refuge, as a friend once said. I believe that to be true. I’m trying to lose myself in mine.

Over the last few weeks I’ve also stitched together a rough first draft of the play for high school students I’ve been asked to write. I need to type it up, as right now it’s all scribbled in longhand all over a legal pad. Hopefully there’s some coherence buried in there.

Have a new lyric I’m going to try to lay down today. A few more ideas. I’m putting my Jimmy through the ringer. But he’s a kid. He can take it.

Anyway, don’t take anything for granted. It could all be taken away. Do what you do, and do it to the best of your ability. And if you can do it today, don’t wait until tomorrow.

In a bit…


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