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Can it be? No more Oasis? Noel Gallagher has announced he’s quit the band. I saw it on the ticker at the bottom of the screen on CNN, during the Ted Kennedy memorial coverage. Odd place to find out that one of my favorite bands is no more…..but then we live in an odd world. Word must get out about such things.

Another punch-up between the Gallagher brothers apparently. No real news there….as they’ve been bashing each other’s skulls in for almost 20 years. They’ve managed to make the Davies brother’s look like Nick and Joe Jonas. But this time Liam apparently obliterated one of Noel’s guitars backstage. You don’t mess with a man’s guitars. That’s why I think this split is for real. Noel has quit the band at least 3 times previously, but never with the sight of a splintered Les Paul burned into his retinas. A ghastly sight that must be.

The man is 42, and just happens to be one of the greatest pop songwriters to ever draw breath. He’s been saddled with a drunken, boorish lout of a brother 6 years his junior, and truth be told has put up with Liam longer than most could or would have. Noel doesn’t need Oasis. Noel is Oasis, so I still look forward to his next batch of songs. I really don’t give a shite what name is on the cover. But it still takes some getting used to.

Ok, I’m used to it.

Good luck Noel. I’ll be waiting.

In a bit…


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