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Trying to get comfortable so I can focus. Mind is wandering at the moment. Books of all sorts are piled high on my desk….waiting to be read or in some cases, re-read. Lyrics are sprawled all over nearby legal pads, also demanding attention. My guitar sits in it’s stand, smirking as usual. My Ipod now contains over 6000 songs, and in the wee wee hours I try to digest almost all of them. And all the while assorted deadlines loom, some self-imposed to be sure, but for me these are the worst kind. I’ll blow off anybody but myself. This is some sort of disorder that hasn’t been named yet. I wish there was a pill for it, but, alas, you need to name something before you can create a pill for it. The day I heard that my annoying propensity for bouncing my legs up and down is actually considered an official medical condition and not just the muscular ravings of an over-caffeinated insomniac, I found hope for all my assorted maladies. So who knows? Is the 21st century great or what?

Still and all, I’m amazed by the brain’s capacity to absorb all I throw at it. Maybe “absorb” isn’t the right word. That of course suggests it’s not entering in one hole and sneaking out another. Perhaps “accept” is more fitting. When acceptance stops, madness starts. That’s my theory anyway.

And so, back to my books and my legal pads and my guitars. But first a quick check to ensure the doors are locked…

In a bit..


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