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Hand to Mouth

Just cut a song called “Hand to Mouth”. Kind of a 3 minute blast of venom against all things right-wing….inspired by my mother having a guest recently who insisted on watching Fox News the entire time he was there. By the end of the week I think Mom was ready to waterboard herself…..nightly doses of hyperventilating propagandists like O’Reilly and Hannity being enough to send even the most kindhearted of souls (Mom) into the abyss.

Anyway, the work commences. I still feel more songs coming, so I’m not going to stop writing until the well runs dry. Only then will I edit what I’ve demo’d down to the strongest ten and enter the studio. I hope to come out deaf.

And of course, in the interim, there’s a play I need to write in the next 3 weeks. In my spare time. It’s good to be busy. It keeps the fear away.

In a bit…


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