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At least it’s something

Sometimes things happen that make you more determined than ever. I guess I’m searching for a feeling of accomplishment to act as a sort of buffer between myself and some of the lunacy around me. This may be selfishness. Actually, deep down I know it is. With this recent batch of songs I’m trying to heal myself with guitar hooks and a steady back-beat. What I should be doing is directly diving into the lunacy (read: suffering) itself (especially as it hits so close to home), trying to ease it. In other words, I should stop taking the easy way out.

But this is all I know how to do, and in truth it’s not that easy. I can’t do the other thing. I’m not strong enough. Or brave enough maybe….for what is strength other than courage? And so I tell myself….at least this is something. Right? Maybe this is a form of courage as well. Laying it on the line. Popping your head above the crowd for a bit, inviting the rock throwers.

When people I love are hurting I hurt. It’s a big ‘ol shitty world and it ain’t fair in the least. Bad things keep happening to good people, and some of the most extreme assholes I know continue to skate through life like Snoopy on ice.

So….turn it up. Back to it.

In a bit….


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