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State of the Union

Well, I finished it. And before the post-lunch whistle blew. Just slipped in under the wire. The last verse sums it all up…

So as I stand here and address you today
not knowing where my baby lay
rest assured my will is strong
to cry out loud and all night long
I realize this may not inspire
men to reach for something higher
but then every man is on his own
when his baby’s heart turns to stone

Such is the State of the Union

Need to demo it now to see if it’s any good. Looks alright on paper but the ears don’t have much in common with the eyes.

I used to write all my lyrics at the keyboard. Now, I do everything by hand with legal pads. Not sure what prompted me to go all retro, but there’s something about the feeling of pen to paper….it’s like bleeding. Much more personal than tapping away like the average cubicle dweller.

Hey, it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

In a bit…


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